vacuum cleaner robot reviews

LG Hom-Bot Square vacuum cleaner review

After launching the previous generation in a few select countries, the latest version of the Hom-Bot line is becoming available in more and more markets. It is time for our very detailed review.

Yujin iClebo Arte review

Besides the two consumer electronics giants of South Korea there is a third company who we have to mention when we talk about robotic vacuum cleaners. That is Yujin Robotics, the maker of iClebo robots. Their newest robot was announced at CES 2012 and become available last summer in Korea. I was lucky enough the get an early model for a long term use.

Ecovacs Deepoo D56 review

The Ecovacs Deepoo D56 is the second vacuum cleaner robot that we have had in the last few months. Although this model is only the second cheapest floor cleaning robot in the Ecovacs portfolio, it offers everything I expect from an average robot.

Samsung Navibot S SR8950 review

Although Samsung is well known for its TV sets, mobile phones and tablets, most people are surprised to hear that they are in the robot business as well. Since the Samsung floor cleaning robot was introduced in 2004, the company has been busy improving the product line, introducing a new generation every year for the past three years. A fifth generation model, dubbed the Navibot S SR8950, was one of our helpers at home for the past four weeks.

iRobot Roomba 770 review

Although iRobot's product line is rather simple and straightforward, it can be confusing and overwhelming to those who just want to pick the right robot for themselves. The robots look almost the same, and most of their key features are identical. The detailed specifications reveal most of the differences, but they don't always make sense to inexperienced buyers. In this review I will do my best to highlight all the differences between the two most advanced Roomba models.

Ecovacs Deepoo D76 review

Ecovacs Deepoo (or Deebot) D76 is a member of a very exclusive group of robotic vacuum cleaners: there are only three robots on the market at the moment that come with a dust bin cleaning docking station, and the D76 is one of them. Recently I had the chance to use it for about six week in my house to see how it compares to other, better known products.

Neato XV-11 (XV-12 / XV-15) review

Here is a small, previously unknown company that comes out of nowhere saying that they created a unit for $30 that no one before could build for less than a few grand, and instead of licensing it to a big-name company, they build a very capable product around that invention. This product is Neato XV-11 (or XV-12 and XV-15 on some markets), and a little over 6 months ago I bought one to review.

Samsung Navibot SR8845 review

When we talk about robotic vacuum cleaners, most people immediately will think about the Roomba robots. In the western world iRobot's hard work has made Roomba the name of the category. But as the market grows, more and more companies will see an opportunity on this market, and electronics giants like Samsung are not exception. Although Samsung and LG have been selling vacuum cleaner robots for nearly a decade, they only recently decided to introduce these products to foreign markets. One of the first models was the Navibot SR8845 that I had the opportunity to use for a while.

iRobot Roomba 780 Review

The first Roomba I've had was the Roomba 560. We've used it every single day for approximately two years before it was replaced by another vacuum cleaner robot. After using several other brands and models to clean our house, it was time to return to the Roomba lineup, and to try the new flagship model, the Roomba 780.

AGAiT E-Clean EC01 review

The market of house cleaning robots has attracted attention not only from Chinese but also from Taiwanese companies. Last year, for example, both ASUS and MSI announced several household robots, first for domestic market only. But finally, last December the ASUS AGAiT E-Clean EC01 has arrived to Europe, and we have tested what it can and can't do.
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