Yujin iClebo Arte review

Besides the two consumer electronics giants of South Korea there is a third company who we have to mention when we talk about robotic vacuum cleaners. That is Yujin Robotics, the maker of iClebo robots. Their newest robot was announced at CES 2012 and become available last summer in Korea. I was lucky enough the get an early model for a long term use.


Yujin Robotics is not a newcomer in the household robot business. They have made their first robot the original iClebo several years ago, and they had 6 other models before the iClebo Arte. The brand is relatively unknown outside of South Korea, but their iClebo Smart was sold in some European countries as Philips’ first (and so far only) robotic vacuum cleaner.

Yujin Robotics iClebo Arte vacuum cleaner robot

The iClebo Arte is the latest vacuum cleaner robot of the company that promises longer cleaning times (larger area to clean with one charge), higher climbing capability and lower height to go under more furnitures. Yujin Robotics is one of the few companies on the robotic vacuum cleaner market that developed a localization and mapping system, so the iClebo Arte is able to cover the floor in a systematic way, line after line. Navigation is helped by a built in camera that monitors movements of objects above the the robot, and by gyro sensors. On paper, this robot has everything to be the king of the market. Can this South Korean robot beat the American competition? I have used it for about 6 months to find it out.

iClebo Arte retail box

What’s in the box

The robot comes in an eco friendly brown box with black printing. It doesn’t seem to be prepared to compete against other robots on department store shelves, but I like this simple and somewhat elegant approach. The box contains the following items:

  • iClebo Arte robot
  • docking station
  • power adaptor
  • remote control (with batteries)
  • mopping plate
  • magnetic strip
  • spare filter and microfiber mop
  • cleaning tool (in the docking station)

Inner parts made of cardboardEverything is nicely packedFull content of the box

I like how the inner part of the box is made out of paper instead of styrofoam or other plastic materials. The robot comes with a cleaning tool that is hidden inside the docking station.

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