Windoro window cleaning robot review

Cleaning windows is almost like cleaning the gutters: we don’t have to do it often, but it is unpleasant and can be dangerous. This chore is a good target for robots to take over, and we already have two candidates for the job. We have had the chance to use the South Korean Windoro for a while to see how it can handle the task.



The window cleaner robot market is not very crowded, but it does not mean that Windoro is the only option. The Chinese Ecovacs also sells a similar window cleaner robot under the Winbot 7 name. Although the size and shape of the robots seem similar, they cannot be more different. Winbot uses vacuum power to stay on the glass, therefore doesn’t require two units. Creating vacuum requires a lot of energy therefore the Winbot 7 is not battery powered, but uses a power cord. And last but not least Winbot 7 uses fixed cloths instead of the rotating pads.


Robotic window cleaning seems to have two major issues at the time being. First of all it takes forever to clean one window, and the operator has to stay with the robot more or less all the time. Most of us can do the cleaning in a fraction of the time the robot requires. The only way I can see this working if the operator cleans the frame while the robot does the glass, but I guess the operator would still finish the job before the robot.

My other problem was that the drive wheels slip easily (although it seem to depend on the glass) when not cleaned often enough. I hope that the engineers will be able to come up with a self cleaning solution.

Despite of my critiques I still believe that Windoro is a great product. It is the first generation of the very first window cleaner robot, so I am not surprised that it is not perfect. It is obvious that the engineers have solved lots of important issues, they can concentrate on speed and convenience when developing the next generations. People hate to clean the windows, so they crave for a robotic solution to this chore. I have tried Windoro at several places, including public areas of stores and hotels, and most passing by people stopped to watch it and asked me about it. So people are open to this technology and want this problem solved.

At the moment I would recommend this product especially to owners of stores with window fronts. A Windoro will not only keep the store windows clean every day, but will stop people at the front of the store to watch the shop window for minutes. It could also be a good solution for elderly people who are unable to clean the windows themselves.

For the rest of us, homeowners I would say we should wait for the second or third generation of Windoro because at the moment we can clean the windows much more efficiently.

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