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Owning a pool is cool, but paying the maintenance costs is not that much fun. Even if we decide to clean the pool by ourselves, it can cost quite a lot to run the water filtration system several hours a day. This is the cost what the Solar-Breeze can reduce significantly.


Solar Pool Technologies, a small technology firm in Phoenix, Arizona realized something, what pool cleaning appliance manufacturers should have realized a long time ago. Open air pools are mostly built in places where the sun is shining, providing an infinite source of energy. This is the energy the Solar-Breeze is utilizing.

Solar Breeze

Solar-Breeze is not a conventional pool cleaning robot. It floats on the top of the water and paddles itself forward skimming the water for floating debris like leaves, small branches, and dead insects. The manufacturer of Solar-Breeze states on its website, that “Most of the material that ends up on the bottom of the pool floats on the surface for up to 3 hours before it sinks.” Solar-Breeze uses this time frame to collect as much of this debris as possible, to reduce the need to run the built in cleaning system. Power is exclusively driven from the sun by the solar panels installed on the top of the robot. Solar-Breeze is designed to be in the water and clean the surface 24/7 except when the pool is in use by swimmers. If it works well, it could replace the built in pump and skimmer of the pool in most cases, saving a considerable amount of energy.

Solar Breeze

Even less known than the robot itself, that this model represents the second generation of Solar-Breezes. The original model had smaller solar panels and a bit more rounded edges.

So in theory, the Solar-Breeze is an excellent product. Unfortunately (to manufacturers at least) I don’t believe a single word of marketing materials, so I ordered a Solar-Breeze for myself to try it out.

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