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When we talk about robotic vacuum cleaners, most people immediately will think about the Roomba robots. In the western world iRobot's hard work has made Roomba the name of the category. But as the market grows, more and more companies will see an opportunity on this market, and electronics giants like Samsung are not exception. Although Samsung and LG have been selling vacuum cleaner robots for nearly a decade, they only recently decided to introduce these products to foreign markets. One of the first models was the Navibot SR8845 that I had the opportunity to use for a while.


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Until present time, the market of household appliances had basically been prevailed by relative unknown companies, at least in the western part of the world. However, in Korea local manufacturers have been polishing their robots for nearly ten years waiting for the best moment to enter the market. And now Samsung decided, the time has come.

Samsung Navibot SR8845

Of course, there is nothing new about the existence of the Samsung's robotic vacuum cleaner since the manufacturer has already announced the arrival of their product. The model marketed in Europe under the fancy name Navibot is known under other names, or even codenamed SR8845 elsewhere in the world. Although the Samsung Navibot is, in many respects, very similar to the iRobot Roomba, it has a rather simple and functional look compared to the stylish exterior of the American device.

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