Samsung Navibot S SR8950 review

Although Samsung is well known for its TV sets, mobile phones and tablets, most people are surprised to hear that they are in the robot business as well. Since the Samsung floor cleaning robot was introduced in 2004, the company has been busy improving the product line, introducing a new generation every year for the past three years. A fifth generation model, dubbed the Navibot S SR8950, was one of our helpers at home for the past four weeks.


The most distinguishing feature of the Samsung Navibot S SR8950 is the low profile. It is only 8 cm (3.15 in) tall; that is currently unmatched by its competitors. If we step over this parameter, we can see that those robots could compete with the Navibot S if they also have some sort of mapping functions that allows the robot to perform systematic cleaning. I would mention the Neato XV-11 and the LG Hom-Bot 2.0 as methodically cleaning robots, but the iRobot Roomba 780 is always a natural competitor.


Samsung Navibot S SR8950
Navibot S SR8950
Neat XV-11
Neato XV-11
(XV-12, XV-15)
LG HomBot 2.0
HomBot 2.0
iRobot Roomba 780
Roomba 780
Navigation systematic systematic systematic random
Mapping yes yes yes no
Noise quiet/moderate loud quiet moderate
Filter HEPA 11 normal HEPA 11 HEPA
Maintenance often rarely often often
Scheduling yes yes yes (only time delay) yes
Docking station yes yes yes yes
Auto resuming yes yes yes no
Area delimiter Smart Fence magnetic stripe no Virtual Wall / Lighthouses
Ligthouses unnecessary unnecessary unnecessary yes
Control panel touch sensitive buttons touch sensitive touch sensitive
Display limited options dot matrix very limited limited options
Remote control included no included included
Side brush yes (2×) no yes (2×) yes (1×)
Shape round round-square round round
Battery Li-ion Ni-MH Li-ion Ni-MH
Size ⌀35 × 8 cm
(⌀13.8 × 3.1 in) (D×H)
33 × 31.8 × 10.2 cm
(13 × 12.5 × 4 in) (W×L×H)
⌀36 × 9 cm
(⌀14.2 × 3.5 in) (D×H)
⌀35 × 9.4 cm
(⌀13.8 × 3.7 in) (D×H)
Weight 3.2 kg (6.6 lbs) 5.9 kg (13 lbs) 3.2 kg (6.6 lbs) 3.8 kg (8.3 lbs)
Samsung Navibot S SR8950


The Navibot S SR8950 looks awesome. Samsung has proved that they know how to create eye-catching goods in many product categories. The slim design allows the robot to go into areas where its competitors cannot fit. They have also improved the navigation of the robot, so it now adapts better to its environment. In most cases it proved to be reliable, but it requires regular cleaning. Unfortunately, the quality of the cleaning is worse than from what I experienced with the previous Navibots, and is definitely inferior to its competitors. Using it in Max mode combined with the Turbo option could provide an almost acceptable result, but a randomly cleaning Roomba 770 could do a better job for much less.

Not recommended


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