Samsung Navibot S SR8950 review

Although Samsung is well known for its TV sets, mobile phones and tablets, most people are surprised to hear that they are in the robot business as well. Since the Samsung floor cleaning robot was introduced in 2004, the company has been busy improving the product line, introducing a new generation every year for the past three years. A fifth generation model, dubbed the Navibot S SR8950, was one of our helpers at home for the past four weeks.


Samsung entered this market in 2004 with the Crubo, but we haven’t heard about these robots until the South Korean company started to sell the third generation Furot 2 in Italy three years ago. The Navibot S SR8950, introduced last year, is the most affordable version of the fifth generation, but still offers a docking station, virtual walls and scheduling feature. The original Samsung robot, the Crubo, was 17.5 cm high, but the company managed to gradually decrease the height of the unit to reach a rather impressive 8 cm, what is less than half the height of the original.

Samsung floor cleaner robot history on display at IFA 2011

The Navibot series of robots (including the previous generation) is a mapping robot that is able to create a virtual map of the house and navigate within that map to systematically clean the floor, more or less the way we humans would. Systematic cleaning allows a robot to get the job done in less time or resume cleaning after a battery recharge in a larger house.

Samsung Navibot S SR8950

The third notable feature of the latest Navibot robots is the low noise level of operation. According to the company, the noise level during cleaning is 48 dB, which makes these robots some of the quietest on the market. (Only LG Hom-Bots/Robokings match this low noise level.)

Samsung Navibot S SR8950 retail box

What’s in the box

My review unit was almost brand new, but it had been tested before, so the packaging was not intact. The box contained the following items.

  • Samsung Navibot S SR8950 robot
  • docking station
  • remote control (with non-rechargeable AAA batteries)
  • virtual walls (2×)
  • brush cleaning tool
  • spare HEPA filter
  • user manual + quick start guide
Unboxing the Samsung Navibot S SR8950

Since this unit was a sample for reviewers and retailers, the box included two sample faceplates that are used on cheaper versions of the same robot. Interestingly, one of the face plates was similar in color to the Ecovacs D56 (which I also have for review). It seems to me that despite the lower price point, Samsung uses touch sensitive user interface on those models as well.

Two other colors for cheaper modelsThe pink is very similar to the pink used on the Ecovacs Deepoo D56

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