LG Hom-Bot Square vacuum cleaner review

After launching the previous generation in a few select countries, the latest version of the Hom-Bot line is becoming available in more and more markets. It is time for our very detailed review.


The main competitors of LG Hom-Bot Square are mostly the similar systematic robots but I added the more expensive iRobot Roombas to the list due to their popularity. Among the systematic robots the Neato Signature, Signature Pro and the Samsung Navibot are worth highlighting and also Roomba 760 and 770 have the same price range as LG has. Regarding the cleaning quality LG Hom-Bot can compete with Neato but due to the big suction power the American robot needs to be cleaned less often. If we look at the quietness LG wins the prize over both competitors so if we would like to have a quiet and sophisticated machine LG Hom-Bot is hard to beat. Samsung mainly can win over LG with its self emptying dustbin (but it is also much more expensive) however LG is more advanced on technology.

HomBot Square
XV Signature
Navibot S SR8950
Roomba 780
Navigation systematic systematic systematic random
Mapping yes yes yes no
Noise quiet loud quiet/moderate moderate
Maintenance often rarely often often
Scheduling yes (same for every day) yes (weekly program) yes (weekly program) yes (weekly program)
Docking station yes yes yes yes
Auto resuming after charging yes yes yes no
Auto resuming after jam yes mostly starts from the beginning yes (but no mapping)
Area delimiter no Magnetic stripe Smart Fence Virtual Wall / Lighthouse
Ligthouses unnecessary unnecessary unnecessary yes
Control panel touch sensitive buttons touch sensitive touch sensitive
Display limited options dot matrix limited options limited options
Remote control included no included included
Side brush yes (2×) no yes (2×) yes (1×)
Shape round-square D shape round round
Battery Li-polymer Ni-MH Li-ion Ni-MH
Size ⌀34 × 8.9 cm (D×H) 33 × 31.8 × 10.2 cm (W×L×H) ⌀35 × 8 cm (D×H) ⌀35 × 9.4 cm (D×H)
Weight 3.2 kg 5.9 kg 3.2 kg 3.8 kg


It is always good to see if the previously occurred problems of a product have been fixed on the new model. This happened to the bypassing ability of obstacles and the scheduling in case of this robot too. The corner cleaning skill has been also improved therefore it is hard to find any weaknesses on it. Of course this robot is not perfect either and it will definitely improve later but the next developments won’t be as spectacular as the current ones (unless they start to add impressive but unnecessary features). At the time of writing this article LG Hom-Bot Square is one of my favorite vacuum robots besides Neato.

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