LG Hom-Bot Square vacuum cleaner review

After launching the previous generation in a few select countries, the latest version of the Hom-Bot line is becoming available in more and more markets. It is time for our very detailed review.


I have to admit that I am slightly biased but not just in one way. Almost five years ago I have tried an LG robot and despite all of its failings I loved it. At that time LG had a high quality vacuum cleaner robot to offer. However because it wasn't planned to be distributed outside the Korean peninsula it was mainly prepared to clean homes of the Far East (less carpet, mostly hard floors). In spite of this the intelligent path planning, the ideal quality of cleaning and the unusually silent operation were really impressive.

I have met Hom-Bot Square, the latest iteration of LG's robot vacuum line first at IFA 2012. At the exhibition it seemed clear that developers had paid attention to feedbacks coming from outside of Korea. Unlike other robots, Hom-Bot Square has an almost square shape with rounded corners. Moreover the front has received two long brushes so the previous deficiency of cleaning the edges could have been corrected. Some of the other improvements are invisible from the outside. The new robot can also clean carpets, where the previous model failed most of the times.

I am also biased because of the popular Neato XV Signature Pro which has great navigation and suction capability and what I use as a benchmark during reviews. It is not a perfect device but it keeps the floor perfectly clean so the little failings can be forgiven.

Thanks to the memory of the previous LG robot Hom-Bot Square starts with a little emotional advantage. However it still needs to match Neato's great cleaning quality to win my approval.

Problems and solutions

In previous articles I have already talked about why it is so hard to build a good vacuum cleaner robot. I wouldn't like to repeat myself over and over again. I would rather talk about the main solutions that LG Hom-Bot Square uses.

Among these solutions the most important is the mapping function which is essential for a systematic cleaning. This function is helped by the ultrasonic sensors which measure precisely in a few meters distance and the wide angle camera which scans the ceiling continuously. The navigation on the map (specifically the movements of the robot) is recorded by a sensor (camera) on the bottom of the device and a gyroscope. At the previous model the power had been provided by a lithium polymer battery and it didn't change this time either. Thanks to the well selected motors the robot is impressively quiet. As per the European standards it runs on a 60 dB noise level.

It might not be obvious, but the LG Hom-Bot Square has everything, that is available on the market today. This model is the masterpiece of the vacuum cleaner market.

What’s in the box

Inside the paper box a Styrofoam holder keeps the robot and the tools in their places. This is not the best way of storage considering comfort and environmental protection. From such a big company as LG I would have expected pressed paper trays inside the box instead of the Styrofoam. Fortunately in case of a regular use after opening the packing we don’t have to care about the box any more.

The relatively long list of included parts shows that this is not a basic model (this is the more expensive, VPARQUET version):

  • LG Hom-Bot Square vacuum cleaner robot
  • docking station
  • remote control (with batteries)
  • spare HEPA filter
  • roller brush for carpets
  • dusting tool
  • 2× microfiber mop
  • one spare set (2 piceces) brush
  • duster brush
  • brush cleaner tool
  • manuals

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