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Although iRobot's product line is rather simple and straightforward, it can be confusing and overwhelming to those who just want to pick the right robot for themselves. The robots look almost the same, and most of their key features are identical. The detailed specifications reveal most of the differences, but they don't always make sense to inexperienced buyers. In this review I will do my best to highlight all the differences between the two most advanced Roomba models.

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iRobot has a smart product line strategy. The company uses the exact same technology in nearly all of its Roomba robots, so most of the parts can be produced in large quantities. In the current lineup, the Roomba 500 series and Roomba 700 series models are slightly different, but many of the parts, including the CHM unit, are interchangeable. The buyers can expect the same cleaning quality and robotic logic from all of the iRobot vacuum cleaning robots; the models mostly vary in extra features and accessories.

iRobot Roomba 770 on the dock

This allows iRobot to economically provide an option for those on a tight budget or living in a small, simple apartment, and by adding some small extras they can provide solutions for mid-sized houses as well.

iRobot Roomba 770


The touch-sensitive interface, the more elegant (IMHO) gray design, and the set of spare consumables of the Roomba 780 isn't worth the extra $100 they ask for it over the Roomba 770, but if the room to room navigation is necessary (more than 2 rooms and/or more than 50 sq m / 500 sq ft) Roomba 780 for $599 is the only option. If the consumables are not counted, the extra charge is barely $50, which I would call a fair price for the Lighthouse feature.

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