Ecovacs Deepoo D76 review

Ecovacs Deepoo (or Deebot) D76 is a member of a very exclusive group of robotic vacuum cleaners: there are only three robots on the market at the moment that come with a dust bin cleaning docking station, and the D76 is one of them. Recently I had the chance to use it for about six week in my house to see how it compares to other, better known products.


Ecovacs Deepoo D76 is the top of the line model of the Deepoo (or on some markets Deebot) family that currently has 5 different devices. The line starts with the $199 Deepoo D54 that comes with a docking station, but designed for small apartments, and each model above this gradually offer more features and better accessories bundle.

Ecovacs Deepoo D76

The Deepoo D76 has got all that Ecovacs has on shelves today: scheduling, docking station with vacuum cleaner, remote control, virtual wall, magnetic stripes and accessories to convert the docking vacuum into a fully functional hand held vacuum cleaner. Pretty impressive, to say the least, but I will only recommend it if all these bells and whistles deliver as promised.

Undoubtedly the self emptying dust bin is the most unique and trendy feature of all. As misleading it is, it's not the dust bin that empties itself, but the external vacuum cleaner attached to the top of the docking station is the one that regularly sucks the dust and debris out of the inner dust container of the robot. The idea is far from being new; the first such robot was pushed to the market nearly 10 years ago by the German manufacturer Kärcher. The Kärcher RC3000 was designed to work for most part of the day in short, 20-30 minutes runs, returning to the field as soon as the battery has permitted it. Despite all the great features of the german robot, neither Kärcher, nor other manufacturers had interest in using the idea again. At least not until 2011.

Ecovacs Deepoo D76 on dock

In early 2011 Ecovacs has introduced the new line of vacuum cleaners, but they were not alone for long with such features. Later that year Samsung has unveiled that they also included this feature in the latest generation of Navibot robots, and even Kärcher has brought a new model to market with the same feature (the same old robot with a new model number and a new color set).

Ecovacs Deepoo D76

Why is it so exciting to have a vacuum cleaner built into the docking station? If you are new to robotic vacuum cleaners, you better know that those small (0.3-0.8 l or 10-30 fl oz) dust bins fill up very quickly, requiring you to take care of them after each cleaning session. It is arguably easier than to do the whole cleaning instead of the robot, but in my opinion a robot should be as autonomous as possible. It should run for weeks or even months without me taking care of the robot. While the reality is far from this, in certain homes, if the dust bin is emptied automatically and the robot is smart enough to always return to the docking station, the robot could possibly run for weeks on its own.

Ecovacs Deepoo D76

What's in the box?

In my last review I said that Neato XV-11 comes in a rather large box. That box is nothing compared to the packaging of Ecovacs Deepoo D76. This box could easily hold any of the most expensive regular vacuum cleaners.

Unboxing Ecovacs Deepoo D76

Let's see why did Ecovacs had to design such a large packaging:

  • Deepoo D76 robot
  • docking station
  • external vacuum cleaner
  • accessories case
    • handheld vacuum extension
    • flexible pipe with handle
    • telescopic pipe
    • cleaning heads (3×)
    • virtual wall (1×) with batteries
    • remote control with batteries
    • magnetic boundary stripes
    • re-magnetizing tool
    • cleaning tool
    • shoulder strap for the vacuum chamber
Unboxing Ecovacs Deepoo D76

Impressive set of accessories. Kudos to Ecovacs for including a set of batteries for the remote and for the virtual wall. It is so inexpensive, yet other companies still leave this one out from the package.

Let's see all the above in details on the next pages.

The review is not over yet!

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after reading this 70% positive and the 8845 70% negative (sort of :p) review, I wonder how it compares to the more expensive/superior samsung model SR8980 which is listed as a competitor.

since theres no p/review for SR8980 yet (and I do hope there will be one :), may I ask if I am to buy one of these two - D76 or SR8980, and my house contains lots of small chairs/lazybeans & my hair's longer than waist, which one shall i buy?

Tibor's picture

I wish I could tell how it compares to the new Samsung robot. Unfortunately I was unable to get hold of an SR8980 yet (but I'm not giving it up). In theory the Samsung is better cleaning the main brush (even less maintenance chores), and can cover larger, more complex areas. On the other hand this robot has a detachable hand held vacuum cleaner as an accessory.

think i'd wait a bit longer perhaps :)

Hi great review!! I would like to buy the D76...but my house is almost 125m^2 with 6 rooms + you think it will be able to clean my house with 2 runs in a day? Should I go for a roomba 581 with 3 lighthouses for almost the same price? I must admit I like d76 more than roomba...but I need something would you schedule d76 for cleaning a big house like mine? thank you

Coul d76 be able to clean a 125 m^2 house with 6 rooms and a bathroom, with 2 runs? Should go for Roomba 581 and 3 lighthouses? Better a mapping vaccum robot with inferior vaccum standards and worst cleaning capability, but with resuming?

I like d76 very much but I'm scared thinking about its short cleaning time....thank you again

Tibor's picture

In theory the D76 should be able to do it, but for that size of a house I would go for the Roomba with two light houses (to do the room to room navigation). With the Roomba you will have more maintenance to do, but you will end up with a cleaner house in all 125 sq m.

thank you for your kindness! One more question: do you think/know D76 has something similar to roomba AI, I mean they are random path robots but Irobots can map real time, not like samsung ones, the environment calculating rooms dimensions from collisions...does D76 have something like that? Is it possible, speaking about all random path robots, that they will eventually miss a room simply because of bad luck in finding an open spot (door entrance)?

Again thank you

Tibor's picture

First of all, iRobots calculate very little from collisions. I wouldn't call that mapping. They make a wild guess from the frequency of the collisions to the size of the room. I didn't notice that with the D76, but I wouldn't say it has nothing like that.
In theory, yes, randomly moving robots can miss a room in very large houses, but in case of iRobot it is very unlikely. If it happens on Tuesday, it will probably not happen on Wednesday, so the room will miss cleaning for only 1 day. Probably not a big deal in most houses.
On the other hand, Samsung robots have real mapping (SLAM) functionality, although the older models were not as refined as they should have been.

I've seen somewhere that Samsung's 8980 has a HEPA filter. How does the D76's anti-germ filter compare to HEPA?

Tibor's picture

The D76 comes with a normal filter. It is not HEPA grade. AntiGerm does not filter out tiny particles.

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