Ecovacs Deepoo D56 review

The Ecovacs Deepoo D56 is the second vacuum cleaner robot that we have had in the last few months. Although this model is only the second cheapest floor cleaning robot in the Ecovacs portfolio, it offers everything I expect from an average robot.

In practice

As most Chinese robots, the Ecovacs Deepoo D56 starts suddenly. Backs off the dock and starts cleaning in a random pattern. After hitting a wall or an obstacle it turns to a randomly selected direction. It goes between walls or furniture in straight lines, and does not change patterns as many Chinese robots would do. From the outside it works just like a Roomba, but lacks some of the smart features of iRobot’s iAdapt navigation. The most notable is that it cannot recognize if started in a small room, so it will run until the battery is dead even in a 5 sq m area.

Ecovacs Deepoo D56

The power of the battery lasts for about an hour, and it takes nearly 4 hours to fully recharge the battery set. During this time the robot barely ever gets stuck, but due to the painted surface, scratches are conspicuous.

Scratches are conspicuous


Despite being an entry level model, the Deepoo D56 offers scheduled cleaning options. It can be set to run once in a selected time, or every day at the set time. The robot will start every day at that time, no different times for different days are possible.

Ecovacs Deepoo D56 offers scheduling

Cleaning quality

In general I was satisfied with the cleaning quality of the robot, but every once in a while I found the floor dusty. Not sure what the robot did differently on those days, but that was not satisfactory. It picks up larger debris very well, but it is not the best with fine dust. On some carpets it pulls out lint what fills the dust bin quickly. I have used it mainly on hard floor, and it did what I expect from a robot in this price range.

Noise level

The Deepoo D56 is not as loud as the Neato XV-11, but a lot noisier than the LG Robokings. I would say that it is just as disturbing as any of the iRobot Roomba robots. It is bearable, but I prefer not to be in the same area with the robot. This was the first time when I measured noise with my own sound level meter, and it has had 68 dB on the display.


Probably the nicest part of the cleaning process is the docking. When the robot is low on power it starts to look for the docking station. The robot needs to cross the infrared beam emitted by the dock to find the way home, but if that happens, the robot will dock successfully. During my tests, when the robot did not get stuck during the cleaning, it always found its way back to the dock. In complicated floorplans it can take some time, but eventually it will get it.

The dock covers the user interface

The most disturbing part of the dock is the part that covers the buttons and the display. I am not sure why it was needed, but I hope that Ecovacs will change that in the future models.

The brush bar doesn't collect too much hair


A surprising part of the test was that the main brush of the Deepoo D56 does not collect the hair as many of its competitors do. This means that it requires less frequent cleanings. Although we don’t have pets in the house, my wife’s and daughter’s hair is all over the place. The Deepoo did a nice job collecting most of those hair without rolling them up on the main brush.

The ends of the bar are not well protected

Because the robot picks up large debris well, the dustbin has to be emptied pretty often. Fortunately the dustbin design makes this job as easy as it can be with a bagless bin.

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