AGAiT E-Clean EC01 review

The market of house cleaning robots has attracted attention not only from Chinese but also from Taiwanese companies. Last year, for example, both ASUS and MSI announced several household robots, first for domestic market only. But finally, last December the ASUS AGAiT E-Clean EC01 has arrived to Europe, and we have tested what it can and can't do.


This household robot, that is available in red and yellow, has a rather unique look, due to the circular patterns on its top. So far all the manufacturers opted for simple, unimaginative exteriors but now it looks like the the AGAiT E-Clean from ASUS tries to be a bit trendy. This is obviously an important attribute as the majority of eastern robots can be considered clones of iRobot's Roomba, if we don't take into account their color and size, – and AGAiT E-Clean isn't an exception even with its colored patterns: its circular shape, size and design is more or less the same as that of the Roomba.

After opening the box we are welcomed by a user manual and a warranty card, and we see the vacuum cleaner itself protected by the usual expanded polystyrene cover. Following unpacking it is visible at first sight that AGAiT is similar to Roomba but has much simpler, more modest construction. In the box, next to the robot, a docking station, two filters and the indispensable Ni-MH battery (14,4V 2500 mAh) can be found. There is no virtual wall or tack cloth (Roomba also lacks it but it is a common accessory on other Chinese, Taiwanese and Korean models).

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