Performance bumped Robomows for 2016

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Robomows at IFA 2015 in Berlin

For first sight the new Robomow line looks exactly like the one I saw in Berling last year. The outer shell of the robots remain the same, but an important improvement allowed the company to restructure its offering.

The Israeli robotics pioneer provides two basic model lines with several variants in both. RC models still rule small gardens, but the RC302 is gone. The smallest modell is the RC304 that is good up to 400 sqm. The RC306 was replaced with a new RC308 that has the capacity to mow lawns up to 800 sqm. The Robomow RC3012 is currently the king of the line with 1200 sqm capacity. This is the territory where earlier the RS series stepped in, now the RC models are good to go up to this area. The battery of the RC400 was reduced from 3 to 2.4 Ah, while the other two models kept the same 3 Ah battery they had before.

How is it possible that the smaller battery can provide enough energy for larger lawn? The answer lay behind the new brushless motors that are not only quieter but requires less maintenance and draw less power from the battery.

The RS series changed similarly. The 1200, 2200 and 3000 sqm versions are replaced by the 1500, 2500 and 3500 sqm models. This was also the result of the new brushless motors. The two largest capacity models also got the new Power Wheels as a standard accessory. These new wheels are 70% wider to provide better traction and more control. The new wheels are available as optional extra on the smallest of the three RS models.

Each green RC and RS models (except one) have a red variant with MC and MS model names. These are intended to be sold in hardware stores. The Robomow MC400, MC800 and MC1200 are good for up to 400, 800 and 1200 sqm, while the Robomow RS1500, 2500 models are recommended to 1500 and 2500 sqm (or smaller) gardens.

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