Samsung PowerBot VR9200J

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Samsung PowerBot VR9200J

Samsung has added Wi-Fi capability to its top of the line vacuum cleaning robot the PowerBot. The new model, called PowerBot VR9200J was the star of the company’s boot as far as robotics concerned.

The cleaning technology did not change since last year. Samsung is still using the powerful cyclone technology, only the handling of the robot got a bit easier. The Samsung VR9200J robot can be controlled and scheduled from a smartphone running Samsung’s app.

This new vacuum cleaning robot fits well into Samsung’s strategy that sets the goal of having only smart devices on the product line of the company. This would not only allow the owners to connect to these devices through the internet, but these devices will be able to communicate with each other. Soon we will not have to set cleaning schedule on the robot because the robot will be able to select the time when nobody is at home.

Samsung PowerBot VR9200J

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