Moneual ME770 and RoboSpin

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Moneual booth at IFA 2014

A year ago the opening on the top of Moneual's hybrid robot was only an ornament, now it hides a very important navigation element: the camera. With this simple step Moneual moved into the arena of systematically cleaning robots.

The hybrid robots from Moneual not only vacuum, but also mop up hard floor surfaces if needed. The Korean company was the first to offer the wet mopping with moisturizing mop holder together with the traditional vacuum cleaning. The biggest drawback of the first such model was the random navigation that frequently routed the robot onto already mopped areas. With the new methodical floor covering feature the Moneual ME770 can now vacuum and mop the floor in one single pass in the shortest possible time. The ME770 will be available this autumn on a €599 suggested retail price.

The other interesting part of Moneual’s booth was the RoboSpin mopping robot that was first demoed in January during CES. This robot is still not available, and I was asked by the Korean product managers not to take photos and videos of it (despite the fact that such videos and photos were already taken in Vegas). RoboSpin has no vacuum motor to collect dirt, but uses two disk shaped quickly spinning microfiber pads to maneuver and mop the floor. These pads can be used both dry and wet depending on the chore we need to do. The robot has no regular wheels, so it uses the speed and direction of the pads move around the house. The movement could not be any more random than this.

RoboSpin will work for about an hour with a single charge and will be able to cover 30 to 50 sq m area during this time. The fully depleted 1400 mAh lithium-ion batteries take two and a half hours to recharge.

During the show the RoboSpin was commissioned to clean the marker lines from a laminated floor that the happily bouncing robot did fairly well. If all goes as expected RoboSpin will be available from the end of the year for approximately €199.

Demonstrating suction power with a bunch of balls
Moneual ME770
Moneual RoboSpin
Press release: 


Smart Vision Mapping Hybrid Robot Cleaner

The latest proudct in MONEUAL's Better Home, Better Life line, the ME770 features cutting-edge, smart robotic technology. Standard equipped with a 2800mAh battery, it reaches even double cleaning time by up to 2 hours.

Improved cleaning performance through effective way management

With Smart Vision Mapping technology capable of tracking its own location to develop effective cleaning patterns, ME770 truly exceeds the limits of automation.
Using Smart Vision Mapping, ME770 will outline a wall-to-wall path to ensure every surface and corner is covered
The SVM technology consists of the gyroscope sensor and a camera for position determination. With 20 frames per second parallel cleaning paths are sketched in the room to ensure that all areas and corners are cleaned reliably.

Cleaning options

Thanks to the SVM technology, new cleaning options are available:
Deep cleaning pattern performs vertical pattern overlapped by the horizontal pattern. It enables to get 2 times of cleaning result at the same area.
Double deep cleaning goes one step further: it performs 2 cleaning sessions of deep cleaning mode. It enables to get 4 times of cleaning result at the same area and an exceptional result for flawless floors.

Mop cleaning with water tank

In mop mode, the large capacity water reservoir (150ml) dispenses liquid up to 3 hours on the microfiber cloth. The microfiber mop helps to reduce water consumption, protects the surfaces, binds the dirt and removes it effectively. Systematic back-and-forth motions clean the floor three times in a straight line.

Sucking and wiping in one operation

Featuring the industry's largest Big Mop and Aqua Tank, ME770 is capable of both dry and wet mopping in one operation. The 460cm² microfiber cloth covers more than half of the bottom of the robot cleaner.

Long-life lithium iron phosphate battery for twice the power

The ME770 uses an environmentally friendly rechargeable battery without any poisonous heavy metals or acids. The lithium iron phosphate battery has about 3 times longer lifetime (about 1,000 cycles) than conventional lithium or nickel-based batteries and thus a greater operating safety through higher temperature tolerance.

Motion Control

The robot cleaner adopts a motion-controlled remote controller, the world first of its kind, to maneuver the robot through minute hand gestures. This function provides a convenient and enjoyable cleaning experience.

Other features typical for Moneual:

  • Many smart sensors avoid collisions and protect the furniture
  • Largest mop cleaning area
  • World's first shadow-cleaning mode ONR (Optical Recognition Night) to clean hard to reach areas under furniture.
  • Powerful BLDC motor with superior suction power for more thorough cleaning with PSI Technology (Progressive Suction integration)
  • Lithium Iron Phosphate battery of latest generation with a long life time and fast charging time
  • High efficiency filter
  • Auto Voice Guidance System in 6 languages
  • Dust container with a capacity of 600ml

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