Friendly Robotics Robomow RS612

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Friendly Robotics Robomow booth at IFA 2014

For the first glance the booth of Friendly robotics was exactly the same as last year. I have to admit I missed the new model all together. Fortunately I got some help immediately, so the change didn’t stay unnoticed.

The core technologies were not altered in the last 12 months, except the drive motors that will be brushless from the 2015 model year. This will increase the durability of the robots.

The entry level models without docking stations were discontinued and new, larger capacity versions were added to the smaller RC, TC and MC lines. The new RC312 was designed to work on lawns up to 1200 sq m (13,000 sq ft) what doubles the capacity on the top of the RC line. The robot looks identical to the RC306 and according to the specs it only differs in the heavy duty drive motors on the inside. The more durable motor will be needed since it will probably have to work around the clock to cover such a huge area.

The company will soon introduce a 70% wider wheel set to all currently available models to provide better traction in slippery conditions. The smartphone app to control the robots will also be refreshed soon. With the optional GMS module it will allow the owner to check on the robot even when he or she is away from home.

The red (MC and MS) and black (TC and TS) product lines offered in hardware stores and electronics chains will be unified, and from next year on they both will provide the same functionality.

2015 Robomow lineup

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