Dyson Project N223

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Dyson Project N223

The Dyson name has long been in the rumor mill when it comes to robotic vacuum cleaners, but up till now we had nothing particular in hand to support the hopes. Dyson's latest video changed that a bit.

The 25 second long video shows the busy day of a development room from a very weird perspective in a panoramic fashion. The footages are stitched together from several camera sources and show the entire room from only inches above the floor. The camera turns and zooms here and there but we never see what the camera is attached to. We can see a few computer drawings with circles, dots and lines that resembles of a room, furniture legs and a vacuuming robot.

Although Dyson has not released any detail about the announcement, chances are that they will unveil one or more robotic vacuum cleaners on September 4. The achievements of Dyson on the vacuum cleaner industry are unquestionable, but they have not been present on the robotic vacuum cleaner market. In February Dyson announced a cooperation with Imperial College London to research robotic vision. Dyson has been involved in robotic research for 15 years in the past, mainly studying how robots could see, interpret and navigat in our environments.

The announcement will take place right before the opening of IFA where I will report from. If Dyson brings any robot related products to the show those will be covered here in RobotBG.com

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