Hands Adam lacquey

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Hands Adam

Adam is a lacquey robot prototype that despite the name of its creator, has no hands at all.

The beauty of a CES visit is that it is possible to meet people who might just have the next success story in their hands (no pun intended). I clearly remember the moment when I saw the Nest thermostat at CES Unveiled in 2012, and today the company was sold for a whopping $3,2 billion. Although I don't expect Adam to have such a bright future, but the the inventors behind it naturally have high expectations.

The robot can autonomously move around the house and it can communicate with other appliances and gadgets through platforms like the Zigbee system. We can ask it to turn lights on or off, or to call someone for us. The robot itself is ready to roll, but the company would like to add an app store to the package to provide a field for talented developers to easily extend the knowledge of Adam.

Therefore the project is still 9-10 months away from public launch, and a few million dollars short to start mass production, but hope to be able convince investors.

Hands Adam
Hands Adam

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