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Friendly Robotics Robomow RS612

Friendly Robotics Robomow booth at IFA 2014

For the first glance the booth of Friendly robotics was exactly the same as last year. I have to admit I missed the new model all together. Fortunately I got some help immediately, so the change didn’t stay unnoticed.

The core technologies were not altered in the last 12 months, except the drive motors that will be brushless from the 2015 model year. This will increase the durability of the robots.

Moneual ME770 and RoboSpin

Moneual booth at IFA 2014

A year ago the opening on the top of Moneual's hybrid robot was only an ornament, now it hides a very important navigation element: the camera. With this simple step Moneual moved into the arena of systematically cleaning robots.

Dyson 360 Eye

Dyson 360 Eye

Yesterday Dyson has finally revealed its very first robotic vacuum cleaner. Rumors were out for several years about this robot before Dyson officially published a short teasing video about a new product with a panoramic vision just a few days ago. The result is not only promising, but as technology goes, it is also very unique.

Winbot W830 és Winbot W930

Ecovacs Windoro W830

I haven't seen any official announcement yet, but some new products have already appeared on the official IFA website under Ecovacs' name. While the robotic vacuum cleaners seem to be identical to the ones I saw last year, the popular Winbot window cleaner robot lineup will be refreshed this year.

Dyson Project N223

Dyson Project N223

The Dyson name has long been in the rumor mill when it comes to robotic vacuum cleaners, but up till now we had nothing particular in hand to support the hopes. Dyson's latest video changed that a bit.

WaiterBot from Yujin Robotics

Yujin WaiterBot

It is not widely known that besides the iClebo vacuum cleaning robots Yujin Robotics makes industrial and service robots as well. In previous years a teaching robot was sitting on the desk at their booth, but this year a waiter robot was demonstrating the capabilities of their new service robot platform. WaiterBot takes the order, goes to the vending machine to pick up the items and delivers them to the customer.

Moneual RoboSpin

Moneual RoboSpin

Although I have already reported about Moneual's new robot before CES opened its doors, I went back to see Moneual's booth because the company has received a few awards this year. The most eye catching awardee was the Moneual RoboSpin that autonomously cleans the floor while spins on two microfiber disks. Of course the robot is not systematic, but it can go along the walls or go in circular motion. It is hard to say how well it would cover the floor of a real house, but the idea didn't seem to be bad.

Ecovacs Deebot D9 and Famibot

Ecovacs Deebot D93

Ecovacs didn't bring anything new to CES this year, I only found the refined, working versions of the robots that I have seen at IFA a few months ago.

Hands Adam lacquey

Hands Adam

Adam is a lacquey robot prototype that despite the name of its creator, has no hands at all.

The beauty of a CES visit is that it is possible to meet people who might just have the next success story in their hands (no pun intended). I clearly remember the moment when I saw the Nest thermostat at CES Unveiled in 2012, and today the company was sold for a whopping $3,2 billion. Although I don't expect Adam to have such a bright future, but the the inventors behind it naturally have high expectations.



Grilling is cool, cleaning the grill is not so. In fact, it is probably the most hated part of this leisure activity. Thank to an inventor a robot can do the job for us from this summer.

Grillbot made its first appearance at the end of 2012, but it rather looked funny than serious. Then it got a home page and they started to take pre-orders. Although I was skeptical about the robot even after seeing the demo video, Ethan woods, the inventor brought fully functional robots to CES this year.


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