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IFA 2013: Robomow 2014 lineup

Friendly Robotics Robomow booth at IFA 2013

Friendly Robotics, the maker of the well known Robomow lawn mower robots had a surprisingly large booth at IFA this year (right next to the iRobot booth). To avoid confusion and make matters easier the company has ditched the Friendly Robotics name and only used the Robomow brand name. Their exhibition area was simple and confusing at the same time.

IFA 2013: Exclusive report from Ecovacs

Ecovacs booth at IFA 2013

For the average IFA visitor Ecovacs is probably a window cleaning robot maker. Most of them only see the autonomously crawling unit that restlessly cleans the large sheet of glass at the entrance of the company's booth. Not too many of them see behind that transparent wall. Too bad because all the interesting new robots were inside.

IFA 2013: LG Hom-Bot VR6370VMNC

LG Hom-Bot demonstration at IFA 2013

Smart Diagnosis was the key phrase in LG's exhibition hall at IFA this year. This not entirely new technology now start to appear in home appliances, like washing machines, and it is available in the latest iteration of the LG Hom-Bot Square. Smart Diagnosis allows the user to connect to the device from an Android smart phone in order to find out what's going on with the appliance.

IFA 2013: Mamirobot KF7

Mamirobot KF7

Mamirobot was among the few Korean robot makers that came to IFA this year but they moved to another hall, away from the Korean companies. Unfortunately they didn't have a lot to show this year. Their new model was the Mamirobot KF7 that is a slightly improved version of the original Mamirobot K7. One of the main improvements is the new top plate that now looks like a flower.

IFA 2013: Samsung Navibot SR10F71 and SR8F Series

Samsung Navibot SR8F

Samsung is dealing with the home robotic market half heartedly. They had the Pop-out Brush on display at Samsung's own home appliance hall at IFA, and a modified version of the old, Navibot Silencio robot. The Pop-out Brush is nothing new, but it is still a good idea. Unfortunately the robot still has problems cleaning along the straight walls, as it is demonstrated on the video below. The robot has the slim design and sports a top mounted camera to monitor movements by looking at the ceiling.

IFA 2013: Ememe Tulip 100

Ememe Tulip 100

If you have never heard the name Ememe before it is not your fault. This small Taiwanese robot maker is new on the market but their offering is rather eye-catching. The Tulip 100 is a tulip shaped robotic vacuum cleaner that not only cleans the floor but purifies the air as well. The air sucked in by the vacuum motor is filtered by a HEPA grade filter and than purified with the built in anion air purifier. Chinese manufacturers often have air cleaning feature in their robots due to the highly polluted air in the big cities.

IFA 2013: Moneual MR6800M

Moneual booth at IFA 2013

Korean robot maker Moneual has displayed a new concept in robotic floor cleaning at IFA this year. The new Moneual MR6800M is a regular vacuum cleaner with an extra microfiber cloth attachment on the bottom. This by itself should not be very exciting since these kind of add-ons have been around for a while but Moneual decided to add a small water tank to the cloth holder, so the new robot not only vacuums and mops, but mops with a wet cloth.

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