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Snowplow competition

I have missed this in january, but the team of the Ohio University has won again on the Third Annual Autonomous Snowplow Competition. The idea behind this competition is to encourage teams of university or college students to design and build fully autonomous robots that can clean given areas from snow. Teams used all different kinds of technologies to navigate and control the route of the their robot plowers within the area, including GPS, lasers and ordinary webcams. M.A.C.S.



I guess we can all agree that the most hated part of barbecuing is when we have to clean the grill surface. As summer season is approaching it is nice to hear that the Grilbot that surfaced in the second part of last year is almost ready for prime-time. This little circular robot will scrub the burned grease off of the grill all by itself even if the grill is still hot.

Neato XV Signature and Signature Pro

Neato XV Signature

Neato Robotics has announced two new models of its XV robotic vacuum cleaner series. The Signature and Signature Pro robots come in a black finish and apart the new color and name they seem to be the same as the previously available models. They will obviously come with the latest firmware (v3.1) that sport a better algorithm to clean inner and outer corners.

Samsung Navibot as snow blower

Samsung Navibot as snow blower

Although winter is about to be over on the northern hemisphere readers in South America might be able to use this tip in the next few months to get rid of the snow from the walkway. All you need is a Samsung Navibot S SR8950 (or similar) vacuum cleaner and you are set. Detailed instructions are in the video.

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