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Kärcher RC4000

Kärcher RC4000

Premium robot maker Kärcher had a humble booth in a passage between two larger halls. Instead of going green, Kärcher decided to leave the signature yellow behind and went white. The whole booth was full of white versions of the well known yellow cleaners, including a little robot, the RC4000. The robot was originally announced a year ago, and it did not change a bit since that. In fact, it is exactly the same as the yellow RC3000, but in white, so no matter how much I like this robot, my visit at the Kärcher area was the shortest of all.

Moneual MR7700 and MR6500

Moneual booth at IFA

Korean robot vacuum cleaner manufacturer Moneual had two products on demonstration in Berlin The Moneual MR7700 seems to be the successor (or the renamed version) of the Moneual Rydis R750 that was annonced at CES in 2011, and like its predecessor, it is one of the slimmest floor cleaning robot out there with its height being only 8 cm. Moneual distinguishes its products from competing robots with the BLDC (brushless) vacuum motor and the lithium-iron phosphate battery.


Mamirobot booth at IFA

Korean Mamirobot had no completely new products on display in Berlin, but they have brought revised, improved versions of their previously known Sevian K7 robot. The new version, now called PPORO K7 is distinguished from its predecessors by the new flower design on the top, but most of the important changes are not visible. A wider sensor window on the front allows more reliable readings while the new software adds a new SSW (Spider Spinning Web) mode.

Dirt Devil Evo Plus and Dirt Devil Libero

Dirt Devil booth at IFA 2012

Dirt Devil had two robotic floor cleaners on display this year. One of them was an automatic mopping robot the Evo Plus M 679 (also known as Evolution Robotics Mint Plus), while the other is a small and affordable vacuum cleaner, the Libero.

Ecovacs Deebot D66 and Deebot D68

Ecovacs Deebot D68

Ecovacs has had two new robotic vacuum cleaners on display at IFA this year. Both models belong to the new Deebot D6 series which goes right between the well known D5 and D7 series. The new models sport scheduling, dust sensors and longer side brushes (by 15 mm). The Deebot D68 has side brushes on both sides, while the D66 comes with only one side brush. The side brushes pop out without any tool, what makes the maintenance of the robot easier (although a coin is still needed to remove the frame of the main brush).

Samsung Navibot Light

Robot section of Samsung booth at IFA 2012

Samsung will have a low cost version of the prevous generation of Navibot robots for Christmas this year. The new Navibot Light model will cost €299-349 depending on the country and the robot version. The robots that run under SR8730 and SR8750 code names will come in dark gray and red faceplates, and the latter one will also have a remote control as an included accessory. Price was reduced by the use of cheaper materials (still looked very good quality) and by eliminating a few features, including scheduling and light guard support.

iRobot Roomba 660

iRobot Roomba 660 (green) with Roomba 650 (black)

As it has turned out today, the new iRobot Roomba 600 series has a nice looking fourth unit, the Roomba 660. The robot itself is identical to the Roomba 650, but comes with a really nice apple green faceplate and an extra maintenance kit. The Roomba 660 has a scheduling option and comes with a virtual wall. All four robots use the same AeroVac dust bin, the newly designed cleaning head module (CHM) of the 700 series and the latest iteration of iAdapt software.

LG Hom-Bot Square (VR6270 LVMB)

LG Hom-Bot 3.0 VR6270 LVMB

LG has officially announced the new square shaped vacuum cleaner model the Hom-Bot Square. The model was previously seen in a short review a few months ago and being referred as Hom-Bot 3.0, but as it turned out today, the official name is LG Hom-Bot Square. is live from IFA

IFA 2012

IFA is the other trade show of the year where new home appliances, including household robots are most likely announced. This means that I have to be in Berlin. Last year the IFA was the event where the self-emptying Samsung Navibot S was first shown to the market and the LG Hom-bot 2.0 has also made its debute in Berlin. But Samsung was not the only vacuum cleaner robot on display to clean itself because Ecovacs had the same feature for the first time here at IFA.

Honda Miimo lawn mower robot

Honda Miimo

Honda has recently announced its entrance to the European robotic lawn mower market with the company's first consumer robotic product, the Miimo. Honda Miimo will mow the lawn autonomously in a pre-programmed schedule within the area designated with a perimeter wire. Besides the usual random pattern the robot is able to cover the area in a more systematic pattern as well.


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