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Bosch Indego: world's first systematic lawn mower robot

Bosch Indego

According to a machine translated Swedish press release, the German power tool maker Bosch has introduced its very first robotic lawn mower the Bosch Indego in Sweeden. Unlike all the other lawn mowers on the market the Indego mows the lawn methodically, leaving nice stripes on the lawn. The technology used for mapping and navigation is not detailed in the press release, but the list of features suggests that the Bosch Indego works without pre-installed perimeter wire because it is capable of sensing the edges of the lawn (similarly to the Ambrogio L50 robot).

Neato XV-14: price drop in Costco

Neato XV-14

A new version of the Neato XV robotic vacuum cleaner has surfaced in Costco recently. The XV-14 looks identical to the XV-15 sold in Europe, but it comes with a US plug and some spare filters and brushes (3× replacement filters, 6× replacement brush blades and 1 replacement squeegee blade). Despite the rich accessories bundle the robot costs only $299, what is approximately 10% lower than the XV-11 and 25% lower than the XV-12. All three models are exactly the same, except their colors and accessories.

Friendly Robotics Robomow RM510

Friendly Robotics Robomow RM510

Friendly Robotics has updated its robotic lawn mower line with the Robomow RM510. The new robot is the successor of the RM400 model, that is now able to mow lawns up to 500 sq m (~5400 sq ft). The larger area mowing capacity is achieved with the smart adjustment of blade rotation. When the mower is used regularly, it only has to cut a little bit at each occasion. When thinner grass is sensed, the robot lowers the rotation speed to 75% of the maximum (5800 RPM) saving enough power to mow larger areas.

Husqvarna sues Positec for patent infringement

Worx Landroid

Husqvarna has announced that it will take legal actions against German power tool maker Positec to protect Husqvarna's technology patents on robotic lawn mowers. Positec's first lawn mowing robot bears some resemblance to the second generation of Automower robots, including the look, the user interface, the security system and the picoting razor blade cutting system. The press release of Husqvarna did not specify what patents Positec is infringing.

Red Dot to Gardena R40Li

Gardena R40Li

Among eight other Husquarna group products, the Gardena R40Li robotic lawn mower was awarded the prestigious red dot design award 2012. The Gardena R40Li lawn mower robot is the sister model of the Husqvarna Automower 305 that was announced last year, and aimed for lawns as small as 400 sq m (4300 sq ft).

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