Zucchetti Ambrogio Nemo pool cleaning robot

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Zucchetti Nemo pool cleaner

A few days ago Zucchetti Centro Sistemi, the Italian maker of Ambrogio lawn mower robots has posted a teaser on one of their Facebook pages about a new product. Although the post was since removed, here are the publicly available details of this new mysterious product.

  • Nemo is a new kind of pool cleaner.
  • It will recharge under water.
  • It will have no wire to connect the robot to anything (completely wireless).
  • No replacement filters needed (?).
  • Suitable for both residential and commercial pools.
  • It will be launched in 2013

The most interesting part of the list is that the robot will be battery powered (no power cable in the water), and it will be able to recharge underwater. The fourth statement about the filters is hard to understand, but hopefully Italian engineers will come up with something revolutionary with that as well.
This year the company will have a few samples made, but the final product will only arrive in 2013.

Zucchetti Nemo pool cleaner

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