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Neato XV-21

Neato XV-21

Earlier this month I mentioned here that Neato Robotics is probably preparing the announcement of a new robotic product at the 2012 International Home & Housewares Show in Chicago, IL on March 10. On February 15, the company teased its Facebook fans with this comment: "Two words... Pet & Allergy - stay tuned...".

Robotic lawn mower concepts from South Korea

PCM-401 robotic lawn mower concept

Advanced Technology Korea weblog published an article yesterday about the importance of industrial design. To prove her point the author cited several examples from the winners of the Korea Design Exhibition, and one of these was an automatic lawn mower concept. The robot concept, introduced and awarded at the 44th Korea Design Exhibition in 2009, had never passed the CAD rendering phase and was forgotten after the event.

What is Neato Robotics working on?

Neato XV-11

"The countdown is on.... We will be exhibiting at the 2012 Home & Housewares Show in Chicago! Cool stuff coming your way...” - says a post on the Facebook wall of Neato Robotics. The first commercial product of the company, the Neato XV-11 was announced a little over two years ago at CES 2010, and other than a few firmware upgrades they did not modify the robot since. The XV-12 sold in Target and the XV-15 available in Europe are essentially the same as the original model.

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