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Ambrogio robots for 2012

Zucchetti Ambrogio L50 Evolution

Zucchetti has recently revamped its entire lawn mower lineup for 2012. The new Ambrogio portfolio covers all lawn sizes from 400 sq m (4,300 sq ft) to 20,000 sq m (215,000 sq ft) (3×soccer field, 4×American football field) with only 13 different models.

Husqvarna Automower 265ACX

Husqvarna Automower 265ACX

Husqvarna has upgraded its top of the line robotic lawn mower for 2012. The new Automower 265ACX is a replacement model for the Automower 260ACX, and instead of the Ni-MH battery, it uses a Li-ion battery set. With all other things unchanged, this makes the Automower 265ACX lighter, allowing it to run longer, and cover a larger area. The new model can handle lawns up to 6000 sq m (65 000 sq ft), about 500 sq m (5400 sq ft) more than its predecessor.

Robotic vacuum cleaners from Hoover

Hoover RBC 009

They are not brand new, but somehow Hoover's vacuum cleaner robots were missing from I finally added all five of Hoover's robotic products to our database, and here are the details of the company's two vacuum cleaner robot line: the RVC and the Robo.com2 RBC lines.

Factory Refurbished Solar-Breeze


Solar Pool Technology, the makers of the automatic pool skimmer Solar-Breeze has started to offer factory refurbished units on eBay. They are packaged like a brand new unit and come with the same 1 year warranty as well. It's never too early to prepare for summer.

If you don't yet know what Solar-Breeze is about, check out my in-depth Solar-Breeze review.

Home robotics at CES 2012

CES 2012

CES 2012 is over, and finally I've managed to publish all my content about the show. Although I have covered the products of 15 companies, there were no real breakthroughs in Las Vegas this year. iRobot was only there to have meetings with business partners, Evolution Robotics has participated only at a pre-show event, and Neato, probably the most innovative opponent of iRobot didn't come to Vegas at all.

iRobot Virtual Halo

iRobot Virtual Halo

iRobot has quietly extended its virtual wall system with a new protection unit. The iRobot Virtual Halo is a regular virtual wall with a covering sleeve that blocks the ray that creates the wall and only leaves the panoramic window on the top open. That infrared creates a protective zone around the Virtual Halo that is approximately 50 cm (20 in) in diameter. The robot avoids this area, so anything placed in this zone will be untouched during cleaning.

iRobot meeting

iRobot Roomba 780

Our other subject at iRobot was covering the not so new floor cleaning robots. iRobot did not announce any new robots at CES this year. Product life cycle in robotics is considerably longer than in other, more popular segments of consumer electronics. The Roomba 700 is relatively new in most markets, and there was no reason yet to change anything.

iRobot AVA

iRobot meeting room at CES 2012

iRobot, the most known robot maker had a rather humble presence at CES this year. Instead taking out a large exhibition area, they only rented a few meeting rooms at the end of the South Hall. After introducing the new Roomba and Scooba robots last year they are busy distributing these new products on the market. Product life span on the robot cleaner market is much longer than what we see on the TV or digital camera market.

muRata Boy

muRata booth at CES 2012

muRata Boy, the bike riding robot manages to draw a big crowd, despite being useless and somewhat old. It has been demoed on every single electronics related trade show in the last couple of years, and I still don't see what use can we make of it. I am not saying that it not cool, or that it is not amazing. But we have seen it years ago, and it still didn't change anything in our lives.

Evolution Robotics Mint Cleaner

Evolution Robotics, the maker of the Mint Cleaner family was not among the exhibitors at CES this year, but I could still talk to them at one of the pre-show events organized for selected members of the press. Since last year's CES they have announced the Mint Plus with a quick charging cradle, and the Mint II that uses the reservoir pads of the Mint Plus. They had no new products to announce at this time of the year, but they didn't hide that new developments are coming later this year.


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