Samsung Navibot S SR8950 and SR8980 soon to be available in Europe

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Samsung Navibot S SR8980

As our friends at has pointed out a few days ago, Samsung has started preparation for the launch of the new Navibot S models in select countries in Europe. At the time of announcement it wasn't clear how many different models will make it to the European market, but currently we can see two model numbers showing up in web stores. The Navibot S SR8950 is the simpler model with a regular docking station that provides charging to the robot. The SR8980 on the other side can also clean the dust bin of the robot each time it has docked for recharging. Both robots seem to support delayed start and daily scheduling (separate times for each days of the week). The robots are extremely thin, only 8 cm (3,15 in) high, and they have a 4 cm wider main brush and air inlet than their predecessors (20 cm opposed to 16 cm in previous models).

First SR8950 robots will be available in the next couple of days for €699, but the SR8980 will only arrive in March, 2012, and will cost €799. See the links on the right for detailed specifications.

Samsung Navibot S SR8950

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