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Neato XV-11 firmware upgrade v2.6

Neato XV-15

Another month, another firmware upgrade for Neato robots. Neato Robotics has released another firmware upgrade to its popular XV-11 (XV-12 and XV-15) vacuum cleaning robot. Firmware version 2.6 promises very little, and the changes seem to address the docking procedure and the way the robot stays on the dock while charging. (Interestingly firmware version 2.4 was promising the exact same thing.) The latest upgrade includes all the previous improvements as well, and is compatible with all three variants of the XV series from firmware version 1.0 and up.

Zucchetti Ambrogio L75 Deluxe

Zucchetti Ambrogio L75 Deluxe

Italian robotic lawn mower maker has announced today a new addition to its Ambrogio line, called Ambrogio L75 Deluxe. The new robot is suitable for lawns up to 600 sq m (6500 sq ft) and uses a perimeter wire (100 m of wire and 100× pegs are included) to mark the boundaries. Ambrogio L75 comes with a docking station that provides automatic charging (does not cover the robot itself) of the robot's 2.3 Ah lithium-ion battery.

Samsung Navibot S SR8950 and SR8980 soon to be available in Europe

Samsung Navibot S SR8980

As our friends at has pointed out a few days ago, Samsung has started preparation for the launch of the new Navibot S models in select countries in Europe. At the time of announcement it wasn't clear how many different models will make it to the European market, but currently we can see two model numbers showing up in web stores.

Evolution Robotics Mint II

Evolution Robotics Mint II (with Pro Clean)

Evolution Robotics has slightly upgraded its original Mint cleaning robot to accommodate the Pro-Clean Reservoir Pad introduced with Mint Plus in September. The newly designed pad holds a cleaning fluid tank to keep the cleaning cloth wet during mopping, allowing Mint Plus to cover 33 sq m (350 sq ft) instead of 23 sq m (250 sq ft). Now the original Mint is also available with this pad for those who don't need the room-to-room navigation, pause/resume function and quick cleaning modes of the Mint Plus.

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