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Preparing Solar Breeze for winter

Its almost winter time in the norther hemisphere, what means we need to change a few things in the backyard. Where snow and sub-zero temperatures are a regular guests during the winter, both lawn mower and pool cleaner robots must be stored in a no-frost area during the winter. But those lucky people who can enjoy their patio even during the winter months, can continue on using their Solar Breeze as well to keep the pool nice and tidy.

Over a million robots shipped in 9 months

iRobot Scooba 230

iRobot has published 3rd quarter results yesterday showing an unexpected growth in many of the business aspects. Third quarter revenue was up by 28% on a year over year basis, and net income has also doubled during this period (mainly due to a one-time tax benefit of $2.3 million). The Home Robot Division takes about 3/4 of total revenue, and due to declining governmental orders, the importance of home robots is expected to raise next year.

Agait E-Clean has been expanded with 3 new models

Agait E-Clean EC Mini

Agait, a subsidiary of Taiwanese computer company Asus has released three new robots to the global markets. Agait E-Clean EC01 Enhanced, as its name implies is a refreshed version of the original EC01. It got a new design to attract more western buyers, and now supports daily scheduling. Other than these changes, the model seems to be identical to the model we have reviewed (and not recommended) earlier. The robot is still expensive, costs $299 each.

Neato XV-12 exclusively for Target

Neato XV-12

Neato today announced another iteration of the original Neato XV-11 robotic vacuum cleaner. XV-12, the new model, is sold exclusively in Target, and other than its color, it seems to be identical to the original robot. It is safe to assume, that the robot will be shipped with the latest firmware version (v2.1), that is also available to all XV-11 robots sold earlier. The Misty White version of the Neato robot will be available in 1,750 Target stores in the US from October 16 for the shelf price of $399.

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