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Cross the Pacific Ocean without refueling

Liquid Robotics Wave Glider

Liquid Robotics, the creator of the original Wave Glider marine robot, announced a Pacific Crossing (PacX) Challange open to scientists. Liquid Robotics will release four Wave Gliders along the shores of Northern California this fall that will travel together to Hawaii where they will separate. Some will travel to Japan, the rest will attempt to reach Australia. Liquid Robotics invite scientists to help to explore the most they can on this never before attempted journey.

Panasonic announces three new care-taking robots

Panasonic Hair Washing robot

Panasonic has announced today that it will display three of its latest care taking robots at the 38th International Home Care & Rehabilitation Exhibition in Tokyo next week. All three robots are designed to help elderly people to have a better life without paying for full time caretakers.

Ecovacs Winbot W553

Ecovacs Winbot W553

Not entirely new, since it was demoed during CES 2011, but it is definitely worth a mention, that Ecovacs introduced a new robot called Winbot W553. Winbot, as its name suggests, cleans windows. The square shaped robotic couple goes on the two sides of the window and they are held together by strong magnetic force. The information available of the robot is scarce, but it seems that both modules have a microfiber cleaning cloth cleaning head, and both units carry a bumper for collision detection. Only one of the two parts contain the drive motor for moving around.

Evolution Robotics Mint Plus

Evolution Robotics Mint Plus on cradle

Evolution robotics has today announced the second generation of Mint cleaners. Mint Plus comes in an elegant black finish, and will be offered in two versions. Mint Plus is a dry sweeping and mopping (not vacuuming) robot with a proprietary in-door navigation system that allows Mint Plus to cover the floor area methodically. (More on the original robot in my detailed Mint Cleaner review)

Kärcher RC4000 - Home Line

Kärcher RC4000

During IFA 2011 in Berlin Kärcher announced a new addition to their relatively new Home Line group of products. This product line is intended to be sold in electronic megastores (e.g. MediaMarkts in Europe) instead of hardware stores. To distinguish these products from the regular Kärcher products, the German company is using white-grey combination on the products, instead of the yellow-grey combination that become a trademark for Kärcher over the years.

ISG (PIRO) Windoro ready to market

ISG PIRO Windoro

Windoro, the first household robot to clean windows was showed to the public for the first time exactly one year ago at IFA in Berlin. It created a lot of debate among robot enthusiasts whether it makes sense or it is a total time waster. I personally believe that it is not for everyone (like a Roomba or Neato), but there is a specific group of people who could benefit from such robots. First of all you need to have large window surfaces without breaks, and the outer side must be hard to reach. If you can reach one spot on both sides of the window, you can put the Windoro to use.

Ecovacs Deebot D76 at IFA

Ecovacs Deebot D76 with docking station

I have known about the Ecovacs Deebot (or Deepoo if you like) robots for some time now, but I haven't had the chance to see them in action yet. Our great friends at have stopped by at the Ecovacs booth at IFA in Berlin to see how the robots work in action.

Samsung Navibot-S at IFA 2011

Samsung Navibot-S

Our friends at have been kind enough to share some of their images of the new Samsung Navibot-S with us. They have found the robot in the Samsung booth at IFA 2011 this weekend. I have reported about the unannounced Samsung Navibot S a few days ago, but I only had a few sterile product photos to show. Meanwhile a few more tidbits were found out about the robot by the guys.

LG Hom-bot 2.0: Triple Eye for Europe

LG Hom-Bot 2.0

Less then a week ago we mentioned that LG has announced the first robot with not only two but three cameras on board. The South Korean technology giant has demonstrated the European and US version of the LG Roboking VR6180VMNC robot at the IFA 2011 show in Berlin. In these two markets the robot will be called LG Hom-Bot 2.0 and sales will start in the "near future" for around €600-700.

Self-emptying dust bin: Samsung Navibot S

Samsung Navibot S

Samsung has today announced Samsung Navibot S, the first member of the Navibot line that has a self emptying dust bin. Navibot S has a sensor to recognize when the dust bin needs cleaning, it goes back to the dock to empty its bin. When done, cleaning is continued where it was left off. The emptying process is somewhat similar to that of the Kärcher RC3000, but Samsung went a step further.


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