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LG Roboking VR6180VMNC the Triple Eye robot

LG Roboking VR6180VMNC

The idea of surveillance robots is nothing new, and even LG has demonstrated such robots in the past. But most of those robots had no release dates and expected street prices. LG's new Triple Eye robot, the LG Roboking VR6180VMNC has both of those, and a few other interesting features.

Toshiba Smarbo VC-RB100

Toshiba Smarbo VC-RB100

Today Toshiba announced its very first robotic vacuum cleaner, the Smarbo VC-RB100. The robot looks just like a Samsung Navibot SR8855 from early 2010, and the specifications confirm the looks.

Europe to regain position on the robotic market

Fraunhofer IPA / SCHUNK: Care-O-Bot - commercialised R&D platform

Despite giving the world the first commercially available robotic vacuum cleaner, and the first robotic lawn mower, most of the currently available household robots are not made by European, but by Asian or American companies. This was one of the main topic of European Robotics Forum in Sweeden earlier this year.

Permanent exhibition about robotics in Korea

Gwacheon National Science Museum

Just to show how serious Koreans are about robotics, Choi Joong-Kyung, the Minister of Knowledge Economy visited Gwacheon National Science Museum in Seoul for the opening of the museums latest addition of permanent exhibitions. In the new, 495 sqm (5328 sqft) robot shaped exhibition area visitors can learn about 21 different kinds of robots, including humanoid robots, robotic fish, robots designed for disaster operations, household robots, educational robots and more. The regular opening hours leave a very narrow window for regular visitors (six days a week from 1:30 p.m.

Robo TAP cleaner - Electrolux Design Lab 2011 finalist

Robo TAP Cleaner - Electroux Design Lab 2011 finalist

Every year Electrolux invites design students from all over the world to enter their product ideas in a design competition. Electrolux Design Lab 2011 is the ninth in the series, and has 'Intelligent Mobility' as a theme. The jury from Electrolux selected 8 entries out of the 1300 submitted to the competition this year. One of the 8 finalist is a robotic vacuum cleaner.

Nanophea cleaner, inspired by lotus leaves


Zaier Jihed, a Tunisian industrial designer has let his brain fly, and as a result he came up with a concept inspired by lotus leafs. The fully autonomous robot use tiny (nano) water droplets to capture dust particles on the floor, and utilizes vacuum to collect the droplets. The robot would sport a docking station for automatic recharging.

Win a lawn mower robot

Zucchetti Ambrogio L50

There is only less than a month left to enter the competition to win a Zucchetti Ambrogio lawn mower robot. Just play the lawn mowing game, get to the top of the board, and on September 1 you can win this nice lawn mowing robot.

Here are a few tips:

Neato XV-11 firmware upgrade v2.1

Neato XV-11

Neato Robotics has released the long awaited firmware upgrade to the Neato XV-11 robotic vacuum cleaner. The new 2.1 software provides improvements over both 1.x and 2.0 firmwares. Some of improvements are not very detailed in the published notice, but I hope they have addressed problems like the known clock resetting bug. At the moment it is unclear if this firmware intended to be used on XV-15 models as well, or it is a software for the XV-11 only. The firmware is compatible with both XV-11 (US) and XV-15 (Europe) models.

LG has quietly announced three more RoboKings

LG Roboking VR6172LVM

Most of the LG Roboking robot cleaners are Korea only models, therefore it is not a surprise that the expansion of the current lineup wasn't announced internationally. Earlier this month a Korean press release described the VR6172LVM model to be the first domestic cleaning robot to test itself and inform its owner about problems in voice messages.

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