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Husqvarna Automower 305 now official

Husqvarna Automower 305

Husqvarna has today officially introduced the third generation of its popular robotic lawn mowers. The new Husqvarna Automower 305 is designed to be used in small gardens with lawns up to 500 m2. The lawn mower robot sports a Li-ion battery that is a big step forward from the Ni-Cd battery of the previous generation. The new robot weights only 7 kg (15.4 pounds) which makes the Automower 305 one of the lightest robotic lawn mowers on the market.

Samsung Navibot SR8895 Silencio

Samsung Navibot SR8895 Silencio / Samsung Tango Stealth

One of our most often repeated complaints about floor cleaning robots is the noise they make. Today Samsung has introduced the latest addition of the Navibot line, that matches the competitor's model when it comes to noise level. The SR8895 Silencio emits only 62 dB of noise while working (the same model for the Korean market has a 50 dB noise level in the specs), and got a new mopping cloth to collect residue dust.

LG Roboking refreshed

LG Roboking VR6170LVM

LG has refreshed the 5th generation of Roboking vacuum cleaner robots. Most of the technology and design remain the same, but thanks to some fine tuning the robot does better job than the original fith generation announced late 2009. The previous Roboking had a noise level of 50 dB what made it the most quiet vacuum cleaning robot on the market. LG managed to get it even better by going down to 48 dB, keeping the title ahead of the improving competitors. But the Roboking VR6170LVM is not only quieter, it moves 30% faster, thanks to some algorithm optimizations.

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