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Dancing Mints

Mint floor cleaning robot

Here comes the next robotic dance performance, this time from Evolution Robotics' booth at CES 2011. The company had five floor cleaning Mint robots on a tabletop performing a dance with a rather complicated choreography.

Neato comes to Europe

Neato XV-11

Neato Robotics had nothing new to show at CES this year, but today they confirmed to us that their XV-11 vacuum cleaning robot is finally coming to Europe. Timing and pricing was not released though, but we can expect the robot go on sale later this year. Neato XV-11 is currently the only vacuum cleaning robot using laser scanners to map the area for systematic floor coverage.

iRobot AVA

iRobot AVA

iRobot has not only updated its two most popular household robot lines, but presented a whole new robot concept at CES 2011. The iRotob AVA, as they call it, is a programmable telepresence robot that can attend far away meeting for us. The AVA represents the second generation of programmable robots after the Create, and it includes most of the innovations that iRobot is working with now.

Mint gets another CES award and comes to Europe

After receiving Popular Mechanics' Editor's choice award last year at CES, Mint Automatic Floor Cleaner received another prestigious award yesterday. The small floor dusting and mopping robot was awarded the International CES Innovations 2011 Design and Engineering Award in the Portable Home Appliances category. Mint was also selected to be one of the ten Very innovative Products of the year by Good Housekeeping magazine.

LG Hom-Bot - THINQ compatible robot

LG has unveiled its first THINQ compatible robotic vacuum cleaner at CES 2011. Feature wise the the Hom-Bot, as they call it now, is more or less the same as the Roboking VR5901KL we have seen and used, but a few extra gadgets were added to comply with THINQ, the new smart home standard of LG. One of the notable addition is the front facing camera that captures live video of the robots surroundings. The images are transmitted via wifi to a local or remote computer or mobile device. This allows the owner of the house to have an eye on the house while away.

Radically shrunk: iRobot Scooba 230

iRobot Scooba 380 vs. iRobot Scooba 230

iRobot today has announced the second generation of the Scooba mopping robot. While the height of the robot is the same (3.5" or 8.9 cm) as its predecessor's, the diameter was reduced to about half (6.5" or 16.5 cm). This makes the iRobot Scooba 230 the smallest floor washing robot on the market, and allows it to go places that were unreachable for robots before. The cleaning technology remained the same. The robot wets the floor on the front, scrubs the dirt little behind the wheels, and vacuums the dirty water or cleaning solution at the back.

iRobot announced Roomba 760, 770 and 780

iRobor Roomba 780

IRobot expanded its popular Roomba line of vacuum cleaning robots with the new 700 series. The three new robots represent the 6th generation of Roombas, and all of them are equipped with iRobot's new iAdapt Technology. Based on the images and the information available, the form factor remained the same, the engineers are sticking with the good old disc shape. The robots got new, stylish outfits, but most of the functional parts remain the same on the outside. There is one notable difference though.

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