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Medication dispensing and delivering robot from Panasonic

Panasonic HOSPI (source:

Another robot winning an award of the Fourth Robot Awards ceremony was Panasonic's new medication dispensing and delivery robots. The system consists of two separate parts. A fixed cabinet like robot is in charge to distribute the fragile ampules into separate trays for delivery, while the autonomous HOSPI is doing the delivery part. The goal is to provide help in hospitals where nursing labor is scarce. The new robot has an extra small footprint, and suitable for 200-400 bed hospitals.

Strawberry picking robotized

Strawberry picking robot

Although most of us pick our strawberries from the grocery store shelves, industrial robotics have arrived to the rather labor intensive fruit picking business. This new robot got the Excellence Award in Service Robot category at the Fourth Robot Awards ceremony in Japan. The robot moves along the strawberry plants and finds the ripe fruits with its cameras. The fruit's exact position is determined using a stereoscopic camera. The robot handles the strawberries by their stalks, so the fruit is not damaged during the process. Ripeness of the fruit is also checked before picking.

Dancing Roombas

Dancing Roombas

Who said that Roombas can only go in a random fashion? With some clever hacking they can dance together following a previously determined choreography. The little video below was recorded at a festival in Hungary where iRobot had a booth to display cleaning robots. Five of them do some kind of line dancing while another group of two perform Viennese Waltz.

LG leads Korean market for seven months in a row

According to a Korean press release, LG maintained its leading position in the floor cleaning robot market in South Korea for seven consecutive months. Thanks to the aggressive marketing activities, brand awareness has grown from 30% in January to 69% in September. LG's market share on the robotic vacuum cleaning market was 49.1% in this September, what is more than twice as much as it was last year. LG shares this market with Samsung, iClebo and a few other, smaller brands in Korea.

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