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iRobot Celestial Navigation System

iRobot Celestial Navigation System

Guys at Robot Stock News have discovered a patent that was originally filed in 2004 by iRobot, and describes an indoor navigation system, similar to Mint's NortStar. The patent filing was updated several times during the years, and it was published in April 27, 2010. The system uses a stationary signal emitting device and a signal receiving unit built into the robot. By using the signals the robot is able to determine its relative position in the working area.

Evolution Robotics dispatches first batch of Mint

Evolution Robotics Mint

Evolution Robotics has announced today that they shipped the first batches of Mint robots to selected retailer. Among these retailers we can find, Frontgate, Hammacher Schlemmer, Home Shopping Network, and SkyMall. National retail chains in the US will start selling Mint later this year. Mint is a new kind of floor cleaning robot that uses an attached cloth to mop the floor.

Windoro announced at IFA 2010

PIRO Windoro

Pohang Institute of Intelligent Robotics (PIRO) has demonstrated the world's first window cleaning robot in IFA 2010, in Berlin. The square shape robot consists of two parts that go to the two sides of the window. The parts are held together by electro magnets and can work up to 25 mm thickness. The robot is equipped with all the necessary sensors to measure distances, avoid or if not possible detect collisions. Windoro cleans the windows in a systematic manner, and returns to its original position when done.

LG brings Roboking vacuum cleaning robots to Europe

LG Roboking VR1027R

LG Electronics in France has announced today that together with LG's Italian offices they start the sales of LG's Roboking vaccum cleaner robot line. In France the first and only model that goes on sale from the originally 8 member lineup is called Roboking VR1027R and seems to be almost identical to the VR5902KL sold exclusively in South Korea. There is one important issue to mention though: while the Korean version passed the noise tests with a 50 dB reading, the European model has 60 dB listed in its specifications.

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