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Two Decades of Innovation in Robotics

iRobot Roomba 570

iRobot, best known from its popular Roomba line is celebrating the 20th anniversary of its foundation. The goal was to provide practical robots to residential, industrial and military purposes. The first decade was mainly spent on research and development, and the result was the behavior-controlled rovers that NASA sent to explore Mars in 1997. The Roomba line was launched only after 12 years of development, but sales has already passed the 5 million milestone earlier this year, making the Roombas the best selling consumer robots in history.

New colors for Automower 220AC and 230ACX

Four new color bodies for Automower robotic lawn mowers

Husqvarna has announced the availability of four new color shells for the popular Automower robotic lawn mowers. Owners can match the color of their devices with the rest of the garden, the house or their car. The four new metallic colors, besides the green that was originally available, represent the four elements of Earth. The orange (fire), brown (earth), white (air) and blue (water) are also meant to symbolize Husqvarna's commitment to sustainable product development and design. The new bodies are available from retailers for 249 Euro.

Evolution Robotics teams up to ex Dirt Devil leaders

Evolution Robotics Mint

It seems that the sudden success of Mint, the hard surface floor cleaner came unexpectedly, so Evolution Robotics just hired a team of experienced executives from the floor cleaning market. Mike Merriman, Rick Farone and David Brickner all worked together at parent company of Dirt Devil, Inc. where they were in charge to lead the company and to bring innovative new products to market.

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