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Neato Robotics announces XV-11 robot vacuum cleaner

Neato XV-11

Neato Robotics, a Silicon Valley startup announced today their first commercial household robot, the Neato XV-11. The new robot is aimed to be a direct competitor of iRobot's popular Roomba series with several technological improvements. The Neato XV-11 is the first robotic vacuum cleaner utilizing Neato's proprietary Room Positioning System that uses laser vision to map rooms for better cleaning. The new navigation system allows the robot to clean the area faster, leaving more energy for stronger cleaning abilities.

LG announces Roboking VR5901KL vacuum cleaner

LG Roboking VR5901KL

LG Electronics has today announced the world's first dual-camera robotic vacuum cleaner, the Roboking VR5901KL. The new vacuum cleaner is the member of the 5th generation of Roboking robots, and with the 50 dB noise level it is the most quiet vacuum cleaning robot to date. One of the two cameras on the robot is monitoring the ceiling and the upper parts of the wall, while the other other on the bottom is registering every movement on the floor.

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