About Robot Buying Guide

Robot Buying Guide is a site dedicated to robots that can help our everyday life around the house. The site was launched on July 24, 2011, and it contains a detailed database of over one hundred robots, a few dozens of news items and several detailed reviews of the most popular household robots. Although toy and industrial robots will be mentioned in the news from time-to-time, those products will not be reviewed.

The owner and editor of this site does not get robots to keep, nor he accepts any other gifts from the manufacturers. Most of the robots that were reviewed either came from retailers, or they were purchased personally by the owner of this site on his own expense. The goal is to provide very detailed, unbiased product reviews for those who consider buying a household robot.

Tibor Antalóczy - founder, editor
Tibor AntalóczyTibor Antalóczy, the founder and maintainer of this website is an online publishing veteran with publications like Pixinfo.com, Fotózz.hu and LensBuyersGuide.com. He has been the editor of the Robots section at Geeks.hu for over 2 years before he launched Robot Buying Guide. Sooner or later most of the reviews posted there will be translated and published on this site to serve as historical reference. This is Tibor's first site publishing editorial content solely in English (what is not his mother tongue). Please report any factual and grammatical mistakes he makes directly to him at tibor@... address (replace the dots with the domain name).

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